Boston Med, Season1-2010

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Boston Med, Season1-2010

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Boston Med, Season1 (2010)


Boston Med is an eight-part documentary series which premiered on ABC on June 24, 2010. It follows the stories of doctors, nurses,
 patients and their families at three teaching hospitals of Harvard Medical School in Boston: Mass General, Brigham and Women's and Children's.
 The series was shot over a four month period, and edited for a year before airing. It is produced by ABC News.

Season 1
Season 1, Episode 1: Episode #1.1
Original Air Date—24 June 2010
In the premiere of this eight-part documentary series about the staffs and patients at three Boston hospitals, Maria Troulis is an Oral Maxillofacial surgeon who reconstructs the faces of people who have had traumatic injuries. These include a soldier returning from war, an NFL football player, and in this episode, a police officer shot in the line of duty. ABC cameras are there when the officer and his family arrive at the Mass General ER. Pina Patel is in her fourth and last year of an Emergency Medicine residency. A graduate of Ohio State, she struggles to gain confidence in a training program filled with colleagues toting Harvard degrees. After failing to perform a standard medical procedure and being criticized for her leadership abilities, Pina questions whether she is cut out to go the distance and become an attending. Daniel "Dibar" Dibardino is in a very different place than Pina. He is cocky and self-assured, a surgeon approaching the top of his game after nearly a decade training in the ultra-demanding cardiothoracic program. Even after only two hours of sleep, he talks and walks like he is on rocket fuel as he tries to pull off a tricky double-lung transplant involving two recipients.
Season 1, Episode 2: Episode #1.2
Original Air Date—1 July 2010
A woman is told that her baby has a heart defect and will need to undergo risky surgery as soon as he is delivered; A man is treated for mesothelioma; A woman in cardiac arrest who is resuscitated is later found to have a DNR order; A college student is admitted after overdosing on alcohol; An 18-year-old with asthma is admitted in cardiac arrest.
Season 1, Episode 3: Episode #1.3
Original Air Date—8 July 2010
A child critically injured by a car that has jumped a curb is admitted; A doctor is suspicious of a woman asking for painkillers; A man is treated for a nasal cavity cancer; A combative homeless person has to be subdued by security; A 55-year-old biker is admitted after he t-bones a car that had cut him off; A 26-year-old woman is admitted for an appendectomy;
Season 1, Episode 4: Episode #1.4
Original Air Date—15 July 2010
A middle-aged woman has been in a car accident; A 49-year-old woman with a history of alcohol and heroin abuse is admitted while high; A 39-year-old woman who is 27 weeks pregnant is shot in the chest; A heart transplant patient suffering from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy awaits news of a possible donor heart; An elderly man falls going up an escalator.
Season 1, Episode 5: Episode #1.5
Original Air Date—22 July 2010
A six-year-old girl is admitted after she collapses at school; Surgeons attempt to raise the priority of a heart transplant candidate whose condition is worsening; A 34-year-old man is brought in seizing; A doctor receives an accidental needle stick from a patient with hepatitis; A man stabs a knife into his hand opening a CD package.
Season 1, Episode 6: Episode #1.6
Original Air Date—29 July 2010
A young man has fallen 15 feet off a ladder while working on a roof; A newborn with a heart defect is admitted; A woman needs an aortic valve replaced; A woman six months pregnant is experiencing placenta previa.
Season 1, Episode 7: Episode #1.7
Original Air Date—5 August 2010
A patient who has been flown in is coding as he is unloaded from the chopper; A firefighter is treated for colon cancer; A four-year-old girl is flown in with blood on her brain; A patient is suspected of having gallstones; A 21-year-old who had given birth ten days earlier comes back in after she has had complications with her sutures.
Season 1, Episode 8: Episode #1.8[/b]
Original Air Date—12 August 2010
A heart transplant patient awaits a donor heart; A man who has fallen onto an electrified subway rail awaits a face transplant.

+ Bonus: Boston Med theme soundtrack: Everything I Want - Matthew Puckett

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