Nursing Now - 22-Today's Issues Tomorrow's Trends, 5e-2009

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Nursing Now - 22-Today's Issues Tomorrow's Trends, 5e-2009

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Nursing Now - 22-Today's Issues Tomorrow's Trends, 5e-2009


Author: Joseph T. Catalano, PhD, RN
Publication Date: July 29, 2008
Publisher: F.A. Davis Company
ISBN 13: 978-0-8036-1856-5

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This is an interactive text that includes a journal-type layout, current issue boxes, and integrated questions which focus on the major trends in nursing. Chapters are short and easy to read with cartoons and color pictures interspersed among the narrative. Each chapter includes learning objectives and concludes with critical thinking exercises related to the chapter material.

The purpose of this book according to the author is to present "an overview and synthesis of the important issues and trends that are basic to the development of professional nursing and affect nursing both today and into the future", (p. vii).

This book is intended for undergraduate student nurses for use in an "Introduction to Nursing" course or for an "Issues and Trends" course. Practicing nurses have also reported it useful in their practice.

This book consists of 24 chapters divided into four units. Two new chapters have been added to this edition: Chapter 22 "Developments in Current Nursing Practice" discusses new practice roles;
Chapter 23, "Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice," discusses key issues in nursing research. The NCLEX exam material has been revised to reflect changes with the exam, and the test-taking skills section has been expanded into its own chapter. An interactive Web site with learning activities is also available to students.

The book includes very practical and timely information in a manner that is conducive to student reading levels. Each chapter could stand-alone and be interspersed in various courses across a nursing curriculum. It is very colorful and eye-catching with case studies related to issues in practice, a very complete glossary, and an Appendix listing the major specialty nursing organizations. It would be a great addition to any student's collection.

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Product Description
Prepare your students for the rapidly evolving world in which they will practice. The thoroughly revised and updated 5th Edition of this popular text examines the issues and trends that are shaping the profession of and in the future. The author explores the evolution and history of nursing, and examines the impact of reform, the legal system, and politics. New information and updates are posted online annually to keep the text current.

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