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The Apprentice Doctor® 'How to Stitch-up Wounds' Suturing Course & Kit
"What is The Apprentice Doctor® 'How to Stitch-up Wounds' Course & Kit?"

The Apprentice Doctor is a brand of products designed to assist young people toward becoming medical professionals and to encourage those who are undecided to choose a career in healthcare.

The "How to Stitch-Up Wounds" course material comes on an interactive CD-ROM, and teaches you the basic principles of suturing and wound care through video clips, illustrations, detailed instructions, games, and more. With an 18-piece suture kit included, you will gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills while performing 26 practical fun projects!

And if you sign up to receive Letters from the Doc, you will also gain access to new projects online, which you can then complete using the instruments in your kit.
"Who can benefit from the 'How to Stitch-up Wounds' Suturing Course?"

The Apprentice Doctor® "How to Stitch-up Wounds" Course has been designed with the following students in mind:

* Medical and pre-med students
* Surgical interns/registrars and residents
* Students in other medical careers e.g. dentistry, nursing, paramedics etc.
* A resource to train Allied Healthcare professionals the basics principles of wound care (Osteopathic-, Homeopathic health practitioners, medical laboratory /office personnel, cosmetologists etc.)
* High school students interested in pursuing a career in medicine, desiring a "foretaste of their future career"
* Supplementary material to the high school Biology or Life Sciences curriculum
* Medics in the military
* Any person with a keen interest in medicine and wound care

"What are the objectives of the course?"

The aim is to equip you with a basic understanding of the theory of suturing wounds and for you to acquire the skills to confidently tie surgical knots and suture lacerations.

On completion of this course you should have a good understanding of:

* The basic principles of wound care
* Knot tying techniques (as related to knots used in surgery)
* Surgical instruments used in suturing
* Suture materials
* The various suturing techniques used by medical professionals

And you should also have the following skills:

* Placing sub-cutaneous sutures
* Placing interrupted sutures
* Placing a variety of mattress sutures
* Tying a square knot (two-hand tie, one-hand tie, and instrument tie)
* Tying a surgeon's knot (one-hand tie, and instrument tie)
* Using a number of other types of suturing techniques
* Correcting minor discrepancies while suturing
* Removing sutures

"What are the basic subjects that the course covers?"

To answer this question, let's have a look at The Apprentice Doctor® "How to Stitch-up Wounds" Course index:

* Introduction and Preparation
* Basic Principles of Wound Care
* Surgical Knot Tying
* Basic Suturing Techniques
* Complications of Suturing

"Can you offer me more information regarding the 26 practical projects?"

Yes of course! You will learn how to tie a variety of common surgical knots, how to stitch-up wounds and care for wounds using a 3-layered artificial skin that was specifically designed to imitate the feel and elasticity of the skin. The instruments and items (included in the kit at no extra cost when purchasing the Course material on CD-ROM) will be used to complete the majority of these projects.

Now let's have a look at The Apprentice Doctor® "How to Stitch-Up Wounds" Course projects index:

* Familiarize yourself with the Suture Kit
* Attach Suture Material to a needle
* How to clip the needle to a needle holder
* Prepare imitation skin for practicing suturing
* How to construct a rod for practicing suturing
* A demonstration of a square knot and a granny knot
* Make a square knot: Two-hand tie
* Make a square knot: One-hand tie
* Make a surgeon's knot: One-hand tie
* Make a square knot: Instrument tie
* Make a surgeon's knot: Instrument tie
* How to place subcutaneous sutures
* How to place interrupted sutures
* How to place interrupted sutures with buried knots
* How to place continuous sutures
* How to place continuous interlocking sutures
* How to place horizontal mattress sutures
* How to place vertical mattress sutures
* How to place "far and near" sutures
* How to place subcuticular sutures
* How to place purse string sutures
* How to correct a dog's ear
* How to correct unequal levels of tissue
* How to remove sutures

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